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Now that I am starting to settle in after my move I'm going to get back to some of the plans I've had for a while. One of the main ones is to create some cool designs for t-shirts, hats, etc and get those into my online store. I already have several designs sketched up and as soon as I find a good print shop here I will start having them made. Once they're ready I will get them up in the online store and will also have them for sale at Mass Ink. If you have any suggestions on what kinds of things you'd like to see my art on just email me with your ideas.

Another item on my list is to get back to creating flash designs for tattoos. Lately the term "flash" has got a bad rep and many people think that it's not cool to get a pre-designed piece of art as a tattoo. I disagree with that. Especially since so many people are bringing in designs that they find online on sites such as Pinterest or Google and consider them to be unique. Well the fact that there's a picture of it online means it's already been done and thousands of others have probably saved it too, so there goes that theory. A flash piece by your favorite artist is unique in the sense that they designed it and can alter it much better to suit you than anyone else could. So my flash designs will be a starting point for us and then modified if necessary to fit you in a way that makes us both happy. Most artists, myself included, do not like to repeat tattoos. So if I've already tattooed a piece of my flash I'll either remove it from the sheet or modify it extensively to make sure we're not repeating the same thing. Our job is to make great art specifically for tattoos so why not drink from the well we have filled for you?

Currently I am without a dedicated art space for painting and it's driving me crazy! When I get set back up again I will be hitting the canvases hard and producing more original oil paintings. I have several that are in various stages of completion and will be concentrating on those first. When I paint I usually have no idea what I'm going to paint until the inspiration strikes me. Sometimes I just start with a random shape or color and let the canvas take me where it wants to go. If any of you would like to see me paint something specific, whether to purchase it or just to see it done, feel free to email me with your ideas. I may not get to it right away but the idea will float around in my head until it's ready to come out on canvas.

It looks like Tuesdays will soon be the dedicated "walk in" day at Mass Ink. I think it's a great idea and will be participating in it. What that means is that we will be keeping our schedules open to allow for walk ins every Tuesday so you won't need an appointment to be tattooed. Of course it will be a "first come, first served" situation and there may be a wait. So if you're interested just plan to get there early and claim your spot. You can come in with your own references, chose from pre-designed pieces from our staff of artists, or just give us an idea and let us create something on the spot! Keep in mind that any large pieces or ones that involve a lot of drawing may not be able to be done as a walk in. Some things are better done as an appointment.

Also on my list but not something that will be done this year, is getting back in to doing tattoo conventions. I have worked at several of them at various points in my career but took some time off from them. This year I will be looking ahead into next year to plan a few conventions that I'll be trying to get in to. If there's a city that you would like me to come to that has a decent tattoo convention just let me know via email and I'll look into it and see if it's one that I'd like to attend. I'll be looking for conventions that offer some good seminars and will be dedicating part of my time there to attend those. Once I have a list of where I'll be I will post them online and you can book an appointment if it's in your area.

Finally there's one more thing on my list that has already begun but you may not be aware of it. I posted on Facebook and Instagram that I'd like to compile a portfolio that features people that I've tattooed doing things that they love to do. The idea behind it is to shine the light on the actual clients and their lives as tattooed bad asses. If you're in the military, into extreme sports, modelling, have a unique or interesting job, or just hanging out in the backyard grilling up some delicious food with family and friends I want to see it and share it with the world. We spend so much time looking at the amazing tattoos that artists do but I think we should also look at the amazing people that get those tattoos. So if I've tattooed you and you want to be in the book just send me some pictures of you doing what you do. It would be nice if we can see your tattoo(s) in the picture but they don't have to be clearly seen. Remember, it's about you and not the tattoo. Email your pictures to with "Portfolio Pics" in the subject line.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read. Check back often for new pictures in the galleries and new blog posts!


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