Updated Booking/Consulting Methods

Now that I have settled in my new/old location of Mass Ink in beautiful East Bridgewater Massachusetts I'd like to refine and consolidate my contact methods and how I take on new projects with clients. Over the years I have struggled with trying to keep all of my references in an easy to find and manage location but things always seem to get scattered all over the place. The end result of that was people's requests getting lost or forgotten in text threads, messenger threads, and various email accounts. My mind is usually occupied with many things and it's hard for me to keep track of it all. In this blog I will try to give you all a very clear and easy way to contact me and to get your ideas from your brain to your skin in a very efficient way.

The first and best way to contact me is to come and see me during business hours at Mass Ink. I'm scheduled to be there Tuesday-Saturday from 12-8 pm. I may take an unscheduled day off or leave early for something. So if you are coming from out of the area you may want to call first to make sure that I'll be there when you arrive, (508)378-4311. Should you come to the shop and I'm not there for some reason our front desk girl Shannon can help take your idea and information down for me and get it to me when I return.

The second way to book or consult with me is via email using my contact form that is located right on my website home page.

When you contact me using email you should be ready to provide this information for me to make things go smoothly and efficiently:

1. What kind of images you want in your tattoo. i.e. flowers, monsters, birds, etc.

2. Where the tattoo is going on your body. i.e. upper arm. lower leg, back, etc.

3. Approximately how big you want your tattoo to be. (Depending on what you're asking for I may

give you size suggestions to make sure your tattoo will age well.

4. Will this tattoo be going next to other tattoos or covering any existing work? If so please include photos of those existing tattoos and attach them to your email.

5. Will your new tattoo be in color or shaded in black and grey?

6. If there is a particular style you want your tattoo in please let me know and send a reference picture of that style if you have one. If not specified I will design something in the style of my choice.

7. If you have a specific price range you should let me know immediately so that I don't under or over draw something for you. I keep my costs fair to encourage large work and repeat clients. With that in mind use your judgement on whether or not cost will be an issue with you. The bigger the work the better of a price per hour you'll get.

Once I have all of the information required I can give you a ballpark estimate on the tattoo and whether or not it will require multiple sessions or just one to complete it. Depending on your request additional information may be required.

Consultations are FREE, but I will not start any artwork until you have paid a deposit to begin the project. Small to medium sized projects require a $50 deposit. Larger work will require a $100 deposit. Deposits will be paid via an invoice that I will send you and can be paid with any major credit card (and possibly PayPal but I'm not sure yet if that is available through my account yet). In person deposits can be paid in cash or credit/debit card.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** I will no longer reply to requests or contacts through Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages, or texts to my private phone number! If you try to contact me this way I will ignore the message. My own mother has to book this way too so...

At any given time I am working on dozens of projects for tattoo clients and art commissions that all have secured my time with deposits through the proper channels. I can't spend time trying to remember how someone contacted me and sift through every means of contact to try and find a reference or information on their ideas. So that is why I am limiting everything to these two ways of contact. In this way I will be able to complete your artwork in an efficient and timely manner without any guesswork or lost information.

Thanks for reading through this and helping me to regain my focus in creating the art that you love! Hopefully this will reduce my time on my laptop and increase my time working on your next tattoo. If there are any questions or suggestions on how to improve this system please feel free to let me know...via email or in person of course!


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