The Date Is Set!

As you may already know I will be leaving Ten Penny Tattoo and moving over to King's Kreation Tattoo this year. Well I have finally set an official date and I will be starting at King's on December 1 of this year. My last day at Ten Penny will be on November 28. King's Kreation is located at:

King's Kreation

117 7th Street NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 243-1391

Some of you have asked me why I picked King's Kreation as my new home and I thought I'd share that answer with everyone here. The main reason that I chose King's is for the fact that they are relentless in their pursuit of creating art. The tattoo industry is changing drastically with the influx of art school graduates and fine art painters that are pushing the boundaries and raising the bar of what tattoos can be. This fact has me looking at what my future will be in this business and how I will fare in a sea of amazing talent. For the past couple of years I have been making small changes in my life and my business to try and meet this new world of tattooing with confidence and ability. Being surrounded by great artists such as the crew at King's is another piece of that puzzle. Artists are solitary creatures by nature, but we thrive on the inspiration we get from creating alongside our peers. I look forward to spending each day surrounded by peers that inspire me to push my art to new levels.

There are other reasons for my choice as well. A change of scenery has always given me new found motivaton and inspiration throughout my life. Shedding distractions such as running a business lets me dedicate more time to my art, tattooing and on canvas. The selection of food in that neighborhood is way better than my current one. And most are in walking distance! Just kidding, but not really! There's a lot of little things in this decision that all come together to make this move something that I really look forward to.

So don't forget, December 1 marks the start of my new life at King's Kreation. I hope to see you all there! Tell your friends and family where they can find me. Thanks!


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