About me:

    I've been tattooing since 2003 and creating art since I was a child. Up until my apprenticeship at Mass Ink Custom Tattooing, under the tutelage of Stephen D'Asti, I was primarily interested in illustrating comics. Most of my artwork was rendered in pencil or black ink. Stephen suggested that I take up painting to improve my understanding of color and shading. I took his advice and never looked back. Since then I have been creating art in acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastels, and am currently enjoying oil painting.

    Tattooing has given me the opportunity to create art for a living and expand my skill set. In my time as a tattooist I've been exposed to some amazing giants in this industry and arts in general. Through this exposure I have found inspiration and education that is hard to buy. As I look into my future I see myself continuing to push my limits of skill and creativity.